Q: I know last season the Heat made it all the way to the championship, even though they were outplayed by some East teams during the regular season. But don't you think Pat Riley should be concerned that this team doesn't have that killer drive? Only LeBron James is playing like a superstar. Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade are inconsistent. -- Joe, Murrieta, Calif. A: It does seem like LeBron is the only one of the three making the regular season a priority, but, then again, he is the only one trying to win Most Valuable Player. But this is about more than the importance of regular-season record. This is about developing a toughness and an edge. Wade spoke earlier in the season of the Heat eventually putting together an extended winning streak. We're still waiting, especially on the road. What the Heat are doing now is creating enough doubt that it just could provide opposing teams with hope. Q: Can we make a friendly wager that "Birdman" is the starting center before the end of the season and into the playoffs? -- Ralph, Miami. A: That far I'm not willing to go, and not because of doubts regarding Chris Andersen. It's more about whether Bosh can get back to a more physical level, and whether Udonis Haslem or Shane Battier can make a statement at power forward. Andersen is best suited to play as a high-energy reserve, where his fouls won't become an issue. It could come down to moving both Birdman and Joel Anthony ahead of Haslem in the rotation, always having a bigger presence alongside Bosh.