As the offseason began, it felt as if it was only a matter of time before the Colorado Avalanche announced a new contract for their captain Gabriel Landeskog. He is their best left winger, the face of the franchise and a fixture in the Denver community. Nothing was certain, but Landeskog signing a deal to finish his career in an Avalanche jersey seemed to all but certain.

Now, just a matter of hours before the NHL free agent market opens, it feels as thought the two side are heading toward the unthinkable.

There have been a ton of numbers thrown around over the last few weeks as to what the player is asking for and what the team has been offering. One rumor that has gained a lot of traction is the speculation among some who cover the Avalanche that the team had made an offer of a seven year contract with an AAV of $7 million. After speaking to four different sources — both in and outside of Denver — we can confidently say this offer was never made. Landeskog has not turned down a $7M x 7 contract.

That rumor stems from a comparison many have made to the Anders Lee deal the Islanders signed a couple seasons ago. It’s likely a deal Landeskog’s agent is using as a comparison and one that the captain would almost certainly sign to stay in Colorado.

There was also speculation that Landeskog has been looking for a contract that would pay him upward of $9-10M a season. That’s not true either — at least not from the Avalanche. He might end up getting that from someone else if a bidding war erupts on the open market, but the captain is willing to go back to Colorado for a lot less.