It did not do much for Adam Larsson’s confidence when the Devils dressed seven defensemen in Boston Thursday night and he was not one of them. Larsson has now been a healthy scratch for three of the last four games and it would be normal if he began to wonder whether this season is turning into a replay of last spring. In his rookie 2011-12 season, Larsson was scratched from five of the last six regular season games and then sat out 19 of 24 playoff games. “I guess you’re always wondering why you’re not playing when you’re a scratch,” Larsson said. “If you’re sitting out for a reason and you’re not one of the top six defensemen, it’s good to start thinking a little about what you have to do better and what you have to improve. Sometimes when I sit up there (in the press box) I probably think too much. It’s probably easier for me to just go out and play.” Larsson, 20, admits his confidence has taken a hit. “It’s pretty tough right now. I don’t have probably the best confidence. I guess that’s normal when you’re sitting out. It’s never fun,” he said. “I don’t think it will ever be fun to sit out. It’s frustrating and tough, but I guess that is part of the process. I’m still young and learning. It’s probably good for me not going up (the ladder) all the way in my career. It’s probably good to have these ups and downs. You just have to learn from it.” Asked if he wonders whether this is a repeat of last year, Larsson said: “I don’t know. I guess that’s up to the coaches and up to me. If I get a spot in the lineup I will give all I can to stay in there. “I never doubt what I can do out there. I have that confidence in myself and I think that is good. At the same time, when you’re sitting out for a long time or just for a short break, that doesn’t make your confidence better. I know how good I am and I’ll continue to do what I’m doing right now.” The Devils want Larsson to concentrate on his defensive game and to avoid mistakes by going on the offensive. “I know my defensive play has to be better,” he said. “I think I’ve improved that this year. At the same time, I don’t have the same confidence with the puck right now. That’s probably one of the reasons I focus more on defense.”