Surrounded by a lot of kids in the clubhouse and even more uncertainty out of it, Aramis Ramirez and Carlos Pena have made it clear they want to stay in Chicago, but neither has a clue whether he'll have any say in the matter. The Cubs haven't even hired the guy they'll need to talk to about it. So for now they'll settle for talking with their results over the last few weeks of the season. ''What I do on the field is going to be the answer to that,'' Ramirez said recently. Even more recently, he drove in two go-ahead runs with a double in the sixth Wednesday night, and — after the Cincinnati Reds came back to tie the game — Pena added the clinching three-run homer in the bottom of the eighth to beat the Reds 6-3 and earn a series victory. Ramirez leads the club with 87 RBI; Pena leads with 26 homers.