Agent Paul Kinzer said on Monday there's no chance Aramis Ramirez will return to the Cubs and that the third baseman was looking for a three- to four-year deal with a new team. Ramirez wants a World Series ring. "Aramis is going to be fine," Kinzer said of Ramirez, considered the top free-agent third baseman on the market. "We're not in any hurry. I'm just feeling teams out. "As the market establishes itself and people find out if they're in or not on [Albert] Pujols or [Prince] Fielder, and who's in on [Jose] Reyes, Aramis is going to be there," Kinzer said. "He's not looking at an eight-year contract. He's going to be looking in the four-[year] range, and maybe three [years] with an option. It's going to be his choice."