OIC famously stands for "Only in Cleveland," but "Only in Berea" has made a real name for itself. Browns press conferences have provided some of the strangest theatre this side of Quentin Tarantino over the years. Friday's introduction of Mike Lombardi was just another episode. The sheer volume of coaches and general managers coming and going since 1999 increases the odds for memorable moments. It's more than simple math, though. Since the Browns don't win on the field, even more attention is paid to those occasions when they dress up and try to convince us it will be different this time. Over the years we've seen the room cleared of TV cameras and radio recording equipment for Randy Lerner's entrance. Dwight Clark draped an arm around an uncomfortable Chris Palmer and belted out a few jaunty bars of "Side by Side." We've seen Phil Savage read his lines from index cards. On the grand occasion of Eric Mangini's hiring, the coach was introduced by a Browns executive who had to first introduce himself. We've seen Mike Holmgren threaten to withhold playoff tickets when the Browns' postseason contention was a third-and-26.2 miles to go proposition.