Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh became a hot NFL candidate over the weekend, according to Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer. The report that NFL teams believe they can pull Harbaugh from his alma mater apparently grew after Harbaugh’s Wolverines lost to evil, dreaded rival Ohio State. Again. Harbaugh always loses to Ohio State. But then, John Fox always to loses to almost everyone. The Bears need an offensive-minded head coach. Do the Bears know they need an offensive-minded head coach? Quick, someone tell the Bears they need an offensive-minded head coach and have needed that guy since Mitch Trubisky was drafted in April. As coach of the 49ers, Harbaugh went to one Super Bowl and three straight NFC title games. The Bears have been to one Super Bowl and three conference championship games in the last 30 years. Harbaugh went 13-3, 11-4-1 and 12-4 in his first three years. His final season was his worst when he finished 8-8, something Fox could achieve only by winning out this season. Harbaugh reached the three conference title games and Super Bowl with Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick at quarterback. The former NFL quarterback for the Bears and the man who later drove the Colts to a conference title game is the kind of offensive-minded coach that would speed the progress of Trubisky.