Few players want to play hard in the Pro Bowl. But every player wants to have the privilege of not playing hard in the Pro Bowl. Giants safety Antrel Rolle has loudly protested on Twitter his omission from this year’s postseason preseason game, saying among other things, “This probowl sh-t is a joke.” “Tell me which safety has better numbers and made more game changing plays than me this year????” Rolle also said. “I’ll wait!!” He then tried to act like he doesn’t care about not making it to the Pro Bowl, even though he clearly does. “That’s why I play for myself, teammates, organization, family & fans,” Rolle said. “Nothing else matters. All this has done is added more fuel to my fire!” Finally, Rolle retweeted a graphic comparing his stats to those of the three strong safeties who made it to the game in which no one really wants to play.