The only person busier than Antonio Brown’s social media team these days has been his attorney.

Brown was sued in US district court in Southern Florida Tuesday and accused of sexually assaulting his personal trainer twice and raping her once. We laid out her accusations here as well as the response from Brown’s attorney, who calls all the allegations false and says the trainer is making a money grab.

Perhaps only Brown and the trainer, Britney Taylor, know what the truth is. But what we do know is that this latest lawsuit — which contains by far the most serious allegations Brown has faced — is part of an extremely disturbing trend of legal issues Brown has had the past two years.

Since 2018 alone, Brown has now been sued four times. Three of the lawsuits have involved people who have worked for him in a personal capacity: two trainers and a personal chef. He has also been cited for and found guilty of reckless driving. He also was involved in a domestic dispute. That is all since 2018, and that doesn’t even count everything he did to force his way out of two NFL franchises.

We will review all of Brown’s legal problems since 2018 below in chronological order.

October 2018: Furniture-throwing lawsuit

Brown was sued in October 2018 for allegedly nearly killing toddler with furniture thrown from an apartment balcony in a fit of rage. Brown denied the allegations and reportedly blamed someone else for throwing the furniture. In June 2019, Brown announced he had settled the suit with a payment to a college fund.