At least Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler didn’t follow Spencer Hawes to the Sixers’ team bus. In fact, by NBA standards Anthony gave Hawes, the Sixers’ center, a love tap as the two fought for position under the basket during the third quarter of the Knicks’ victory on Sunday. And Chandler’s shove can be excused as a teammate sticking up for the star player after Hawes approached Anthony. But in light of how the Knicks lost their composure last week against Indiana and considering Anthony was suspended one game in January for confronting Boston’s Kevin Garnett near the Celtics’ team bus, the scene on Sunday is part of a troubling trend. The Knicks have a habit of losing their composure against physical opponents and/or when calls go against them. And considering the emotional and physical nature of the playoffs, Mike Woodson’s team will need to improve its on-court demeanor. “That’s something I’m trying to talk to all the guys about, it’s just not Melo,” Mike Woodson told reporters on Monday. “We’ve just got to leave the officials alone. When teams play physical I want us to play physical and not back away. And that’s what the good teams are supposed to do. When teams play us physical it’s okay. You’ve just got to return the favor and let the officials do their job and hopefully things work out for you.