Can I see Carmelo Anthony in purple and gold for the 2014-15 season? You bet your box of Honey Nut Cheerios I can. Anthony in La-La land with La La Vasquez? It’s a good match, especially if things don’t work out next season for the Knicks. La La spends a chunk of time in Hollywood and Las Vegas anyway, and they have pads in both places. The Los Angeles Times speculated yesterday the Lakers, after losing out on Dwight Howard and projecting major cap space in 2014, could target Anthony if he winds up on the free-agent market. The report cited Anthony’s friendship with Kobe Bryant, who once said Anthony was the one player with whom he’d love to be teammates. Anthony has an opt-out clause after next season. If the Knicks don’t take a step forward in 2013-14, he may see stars. Hollywood stars. The Post has reported the Knicks can offer Anthony an extension starting in February, which would mark the collective bargaining agreement’s required three years from his last extension. But it’s unlikely Anthony would accept and blow his first chance at free agency. The Post reported on May 29 that Anthony hoped the Knicks would acquire a secondary scorer to play alongside him and was concerned about management’s postseason remarks the team would stay intact. The underlying implication was if Anthony doesn’t see the team upgrade the roster with more star power, it could factor in his decision on whether to stay in New York long-term. Anthony doesn’t want the contract opt-out to be leverage on the Knicks making moves this summer. On trash-bag day, he said it would be “selfish’’ for him to comment on his contract situation. On the afternoon of the NBA Draft, Anthony participated in a ceremony in which he refurbished two basketball courts in the Red Hook apartments where he was raised.