Have no doubt, even if new Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians is somewhat similar to former coach Ken Whisenhunt, changes will be made. There are players that no longer fit on this team and under the new schemes that Arians and his coaching staff are bringing in. One player that might get swept out of town is a guy Cards fans have grown to love. From the sounds of it, Anthony Sherman, fullback for the Cardinals, may be looking for a new job. In his first interview after being hired as head coach, Arians had this to say to the Doug and Wolf Show on Arizona Sports 620: "A fullback that plays 15-18 plays a game better be a core special teams horse. I mean a horse. If he's a horse on special teams, yeah. Now, if I can find a tight end to do that same job, I've got an advantage as a play-caller. When I call two-back offense, but the same two tight ends are in the game, you really don't know defensively if they're going to split out, if they're going to be on the line of scrimmage or if they're going to be in a two-back set. That's kind of the advantage of a two or three tight end system."