The Cubs Way: Players getting questions about the trade deadline before their first full-squad workout this spring. If you are looking for a high point in the first two years of the Theo Epstein administration – at least in terms of the on-field big-league product – you could bracket Anthony Rizzo’s debut and Ryan Dempster’s decision to accept a trade to the Texas Rangers. After all the buildup, Rizzo arrived at Wrigley Field on June 26, 2012. After all the drama, Dempster agreed to the deal a few minutes before the July 31 deadline. The Cubs went 18-10 during that stretch, getting solid starting pitching and a bounce from Rizzo. Good Carlos Marmol saved nine games while manager Dale Sveum looked like he’d be doing this job for years. Unless the Cubs shock everyone and get off to a great start this season, the front office won’t hesitate to push the button.