While he admitted it wasn't something he even thought about, Carmelo Anthony was announced as the third-place finisher in the NBA MVP voting — and it came with a bit of controversy as he got one first-place vote, keeping LeBron James who got 120 of 121 votes, from becoming a unanimous winner. Kevin Durant finished second. "That's the furthest thing from my mind at this point in time," Anthony said, adding with a smile, "I'll take that vote." "I came into the season with a totally different mind-set than I had in the past, as far as me as an individual and as far as our team. My goal was to win 50-plus games, win our division, to get out of the first round, and hopefully make it past the second round. Those are my goals, and so far everything is going the way I planned it. … As far as MVP, LeBron gets it. I take my hat off to him. He deserves it." Anthony earned a bit of admiration before the game from Pacers president of basketball operations, Donnie Walsh, who was the GM in New York when Anthony was acquired. "I think he's one of, if not the best player in the game, he's up there with all of them," Walsh said. "No qualifications like, offensive player. He can do everything. He can defend. He can rebound. He can pass. He's a tremendous player." Go big or go home? Tyson Chandler fouled out and Anthony was plagued by foul trouble playing against the huge Indiana frontcourt. So, is it time to switch it up and move 'Melo back to small forward? "I leave those calls up to Coach Woodson and his staff to figure that out," Anthony said. "We'll come back with our adjustments being made, whatever they may be, whether I'm still at the four or moved to the small forward.''