The New Orleans Saints have a lot of weapons on offense, but head coach Sean Payton knows they can’t win consistently if they don’t stop giving up so many points. They can only come out on top in so many shootouts, and they’ve wasted a lot of terrific performances by QB Drew Brees because the defense can’t stop anyone. When asked about their plans for the offseason by USA Today’s Tom Pelissero, he said: “Listen, there’s a pass rusher must, an edge player. Fortunately, there’s a few of those in the draft. There’s a corner must. Fortunately, that’s a deep position in the draft this year as well. And then, we would go through that must, need, want and those change, but when the evaluation of our own team is finished with, the must category is simply what it states — that we have to fill this must. The need is something that we need and yet there’s not a 100 percent chance. You might say we need a sixth offensive lineman or you need a nickel. … And then the wants would be the third priority, and you try to work in that order.”