couple months back, I had the pleasure of debating clack over the American League MVP race. We emailed back and forth, arguing our positions, and what ensued was a fun dialog about the pros and cons of both viewpoints. Returning to that same format, I challenged TCB's Anthony Boyer to a new debate. Rolling into 2013, the largest uncertainty regarding the Astros' roster construction centers on the outfield, particularly in the corners. In-house candidates for the positions include Justin Maxwell, Brandon Barnes, Jimmy Paredes, prospect Robbie Grossman, plus J.D. Martinez and Fernando Martinez, lovingly dubbed the "Martinii" here at The Crawfish Boxes. Right now, the Astros' web site lists J.D. as the Left Field starter and Fernando as the Right Field starter, but it is generally accepted that a time share of some sorts among those players is in the cards. But this raises the question: which of the two Martinii would be most effective as an outfield regular in 2013?