Former Baylor head football coach Art Briles, who was fired in May after an investigation into a massive sexual assault scandal involving the program, has visited a couple of NFL teams’ training camps this summer. Today, he showed up at the Houston Texans’ facility and talked to reporters. While talking about his desire to coach again, Briles made the bold claim that he has never done anything wrong in his life, ever. “I’ve been in it 38 years, and I’ve done, you know, lived the right way for 60 years of my life,” Briles said to reporters, “I’ve never done anything illegal, immoral, unethical.” He also compared football to a lost dog. “I’m excited about coaching again, I really am, because you know, if you lose your dog, all of a sudden, you’re looking around hollering for him. Just stay up late at night, looking for him. I’ve lost my dog. My dog’s football. I’m ready to go find it again.”