Jon Lester went three efficient, scoreless innings against the Pirates Friday night, giving up a hit and a walk with two strikeouts. He earned the win as the Sox beat the Pirates, 5-2. “It was good,” said Lester, who threw 46 pitches, 28 for strikes. “I was able to do some of the same things that we’ve talked about earlier -- staying tall and driving the ball downhill and was able to do that tonight. Mixed in a few other pitches, one maybe two changeups, a couple curveballs, and a couple cutters. So it was nice to break them all out and get good results. It’s always nice when you’re working on things to get good results from it. And you can keep building off that.” Lester improved to 2-0 and has yet to give up a run this spring. “I don’t know if confidence is the word, I think comfortable is better,” he said. “I’m becoming more comfortable with the adjustments that we’re making. Any time that you make changes and you get good results from those changes it obviously reinforces them and you keep working on them. That was kind of the thing last year. We were trying ot make changes and not getting good results. So it’s hard to stick with those and really ride them out. So spring training is a good time to do it and really work on it because the results don’t matter, but at the same time you still want to go out and have good results like tonight.”