There was no vicious fist pump or primal scream, no giddy leap into the boards or into his teammates arms. When the puck finally, mercifully, went off of Marian Hossa’s stick and into the net after an interminable 14-game drought, the Blackhawks veteran simply stretched out both arms, palms up, and threw his head back. Not so much in jubilation. Just relief. Of all the encouraging things about the Hawks’ 6-3 thrashing of the surging Colorado Avalanche on Sunday night — the chasing of longtime nemesis Semyon Varlamov, the seven-game win streak, the strong play of the dormant fourth line — nothing was quite as welcome as the sight of Hossa scoring to end the longest drought of his illustrious career. Twice, no less. “You could tell it’s been such a long time, and it definitely felt good,” said Hossa, who’s been all around the net but hardly ever in it over the past couple of months. “It’s something new in my career to learn [to be] positive this long. I try not to get too frustrated and just keep working hard, because I was getting chances, good opportunities. The puck just doesn’t go in.”