Two Los Angeles Angels minor leaguers went on the record to describe what they called inadequate treatment of players within the organization, including paying salaries too low for players to live on.

Kieran Lovegrove, a pitcher for the Double-A Rocket City Trash Pandas, said money is so tight that players are dealing with a “serious mental health crisis” about how to make ends meet. He added that he was living with six teammates in a three-bedroom apartment where one of the players sleeps in the kitchen.

“It’s gotten to the point now where there are guys who are in a serious mental health crisis because of how stressful money is here,” Lovegrove told ESPN’s Joon Lee. “I really do think it affects not only their play on the field, but I think it affects quality of life overall. We’re reaching a point now where this is actually becoming detrimental to the players’ overall health, and the owner not addressing it is [the organization] actively saying that they don’t care about the health of their players.”

Shane Kelso, a former pitcher for the low-A Inland Empire 66ers, said he retired earlier in the season due to the living conditions for players.