Young superstar Mike Trout and the Angels continue to discuss six-year deals that would keep him in Los Angeles/Anaheim until he's 29 years old, with the sides maintaining a clear sense of optimism that something will eventually get done, likely somewhere in the $150 million range. The focus is said to be mostly on the six-year length. That length would enable the Angels to extend him through his three arbitration years and more importantly three years of free agency while allowing him to bank about $150 million (or 50 times more than he's been guaranteed thus far, counting his amateur signing bonus) and also be in position to seek a monster free-agent contract as a 29-year-old, seven years from now. While there's been a positive feeling since before the Angels gave Trout a record pre-arbitration $1 million contract for 2014 and that has extended through now, sources caution that they are still negotiating the exact dollar figure so no deal has been agreed to yet. "I'm not worried about any of that stuff," Trout said the other day at Angels camp. "I'm just going to play, and whatever happens, happens." Angels general manager Jerry Dipoto declined to comment, and Trout's agent Craig Landis couldn't immediately be reached.