Howie Kendrick has been around long enough to know that a big day in spring training means nothing. Well, almost nothing. "It's still fun, especially when it's only your second game," Kendrick said with a broad smile after he homered, doubled and singled Thursday against the Dodgers. "You know your timing is starting to get there." With the Angels regulars being folded in slowly during this first week of exhibition games, there hadn't been much to talk about before Kendrick's big game. Hank Conger had hit the Angels' only other homer in the first seven games. "Obviously, you want to do well, but at the same time you just want to get the rhythm and timing and pitch-recognition down," Kendrick said. "It's just one game. You have to look at it like that. Tomorrow will be a different guy out there throwing. You just want to know the timing is there later in the spring." Kendrick is one of the Angels' most consistent players, having hit between .279 and .291 each of his past four seasons, with eight to 10 homers in three of the four. The one outlier season was 2011, when he popped 18 homers. Kendrick said he didn't do anything special that season, and he's still not doing anything special to try to recreate it. "The ball just happened to carry farther," he said. "I didn't try to hit home runs. It's just something that happened. Would I love to do it again? Yeah, but I just want to help us win. If that means dropping 18 bunts or hitting 18 home runs, I'm down to do either one." - See more at: