When Josh Hamilton left after six innings of the Angels' 11-4 loss to the Kansas City Royals on Monday, it was not because of the lopsided score. Instead, Angels Manager Mike Scioscia said, Hamilton was "a little lightheaded." Said Hamilton: "I was not lightheaded. I was just sick." Hamilton said he has tried to play through an illness for 10 days to two weeks. He said he started taking antibiotics Saturday for what he suspects is a respiratory infection. "The equilibrium wasn't quite where it needed to be," he said. Hamilton said he believes his condition might have worsened with the climate change from Sunday's game in Chicago, where the temperature at game time was 52 degrees, to Monday's game in Anaheim, where the temperature was 86. He said he had not considered asking for a day off. "You don't really get a sick day unless you've got a 103- or 104[-degree fever]," he said.