Reporting from Toronto — Every B-grade adventure movie has a scene in which the intrepid hero, finding himself in a fix, comes up with an escape plan that has only a slim chance of succeeding. That's where the Angels find themselves now. Despite Tuesday's easy 10-6 win over the Toronto Blue Jays, the Angels remain five games back of victorious Texas in the American League West with eight games left to play. In the wild-card race the Angels climbed to within 3½ games of the lead. But though Boston and Tampa Bay both lost a game, they moved a day closer to the end of the season. As a result the Rangers' magic number — the combination of Texas wins and Angels losses — to clinch the division title is four. In the wild-card chase, the magic number separating the Angels from elimination is five. In the Angels' clubhouse, however, hope remains. "We still have a plan," outfielder Torii Hunter said. "All is not lost. [But] we've got to make it happen. We've got to battle." Here's Hunter's plan: Win the next five games against Toronto and Oakland and hope Texas loses at least twice. That would set up a three-game season-ending series with the Rangers next week to decide the division title. And if they don't catch the Rangers, all those wins just might allow them to pass the Red Sox and Rays, both of whom have series remaining with the AL East-leading New York Yankees.