Andrew Heaney is, unfortunately for him and the Angels, an expert on rehabbing an injury.

So, after the Angels’ lefty played catch for the third straight day, without feeling any discomfort in his shoulder, he had an idea what to make of it.


“Not quite where I wanted to be, but getting there,” Heaney said on Saturday. “I’ve dealt with this kind of (stuff) a lot, so I know how it goes. I know not to get excited about good days. I know not to get down on bad days. I know not to push too hard. I don’t know how long it will take to progress. I’m hoping it’s pretty close. But I’m feeling good.”

Heaney hasn’t pitched since July 16. He isn’t sure what the timeframe is for him to return, even though he doesn’t feel like the injury is serious.

For the past few days, he’s played catch, just throwing with a fastball grip. He has not done any long toss or thrown breaking balls.