Here's some news that I missed, and it's presented under a headline I never thought I'd type. From Baseball America: Angel Villalona has received his work visa and will be in big league camp with the Giants for spring training, a team official confirmed today. He will travel to Arizona next week to join the team. Well. We're all going to have to figure out how to feel about this feller, because it's not like he's a 30-year-old shortstop coming off neck-replacement surgery. He's still just 22, and if he's retained 80 percent of his talent, he'll make it to the majors one day. And, lo, that will be uncomfortable. If you're new to the show, and you're wondering who Villalona is, he's a former Giants prospect who hasn't been with the organization for years because he killed a man. Or didn't kill a man. Or was in the wrong place at the wrong time when a man was killed. But might have killed a man. The Giants tried to wash their hands of Villalona, but he sued them for many millions, and now he's back.