Brazilian club Atletico Mineiro have said they will not sign sacked West Brom striker Nicolas Anelka because the player took too long to report to the club. Atletico director Eduardo Maluf was expecting Anelka to arrive on Monday, but has since been informed by the Frenchman's agents that he would not land in Brazil until the end of the week. Anelka was pictured in Kuwait on Tuesday apparently attending an event organised by the Kuwait Ministry of Religious Endowment and Islamic Affairs - the 4th youth conference. But the Brazilian club have seemingly run out of patience with the former France international. 'He had the obligation to let us know about this in advance,' said Maluf. 'Atletico is much bigger than this, the deal is off.' Maluf said the club are considering filing a complaint to FIFA against the player and his agents, saying they broke their agreement with Atletico.