Amid a historic swoon after a 5-0 start, the Kansas City Chiefs can no longer be safely assumed as an AFC playoff entrant. And many fans’ vitriol has gone toward a frequent target. Andy Reid used part of his Wednesday press conference to insist the Chiefs’ struggles are not limited to Alex Smith‘s recent woes. “I think it’s not just Alex,” Reid said via Pro Football Talk. “I think people do that, and I told you that I’ve got to get better at doing my part. Each position has got to do better. This is a team game and so everybody has a piece of the pie. You’re bringing it to Alex. I’m bringing it to all of us doing a better job. Alex is part of the team so he’s included in that. But it’s surely not just one person.” Reid said Sunday he’s not contemplating a switch to Patrick Mahomes, the first-round pick whom many fans and media members are calling for after the Chiefs have dropped five of their past six games to enter December with a 6-5 record.