In their perfect world, the Kansas City Chiefs planned for Patrick Mahomes II to sit and learn for his entire rookie season before taking over as their starting quarterback in 2018. Their new plan is even better. The Chiefs were presented with the opportunity to play him in a low-pressure situation in Sunday's regular-season finale against the Denver Broncos and were smart enough to take it. The situation is such that Mahomes could play poorly and it won't matter. The 9-6 Chiefs have clinched the AFC West championship and are locked into the fourth seed in the playoffs regardless of what happens against the Broncos, so it's a glorified preseason game. That's why the Chiefs are giving Alex Smith the week off. "Every snap that he gets is a valuable snap for him for whenever he has that chance of getting in there [as the full-time starter]," coach Andy Reid said. "Fortunately, we're in a situation where we can do that. "The fact he goes in and plays and has that experience [is important]. I'm not going to set expectations or any of that. That's not where I'm at. I just want him to go play, learn the game plan, play it and lead the team, the offense, and most of all have an opportunity." But the Chiefs expect Mahomes to play well. He's had 15 games worth of the original plan and now gets a full week of practice snaps to prepare.