Although the Bengals have made the playoffs the past two seasons, opinions are still split on the play of quarterback Andy Dalton. Depending on who you ask, you'll either be told that Dalton has led them to the playoffs or that the team made it despite him. The thing is, both perspectives ring true. On one hand, Dalton has taken control of the team and brought stability in the wake of Carson Palmer's departure. His play has been adequate in general and even shows flashes of greatness. Certainly, having a wide receiver like A.J. Green helps out tremendously, but there is no denying that Dalton is a play-maker. His 27 touchdowns in 2012 alone are testament to that. On the other hand though, Dalton shrinks in big games. When the national spotlight is upon the Bengals, he tends to play at his worst. Perhaps it's just a consequence of playing tougher opponents or maybe Dalton struggles with the pressure. Whatever the truth is, many believe that Dalton lacks the elite skillset to push the Bengals over the hump and deliver the team's first playoff win in over two decades. Coming into his third year, the Bengals are still touting Dalton as "their guy." And there is no reason that they shouldn't. He is still developing and it would be foolish to give up and move on now, especially given his potential. But in order to reach his potential, Dalton must overcome his mistakes and continue to elevate his game.