I am sitting in the bleachers inside Allen Fieldhouse on the second row and underneath a string of retired jerseys that read "Chamberlain" and "Pierce" and "Manning." Next to me just to my right is an 18-year-old prodigy whose name could theoretically also be in these rafters someday and we are discussing college basketball at which point I realize Andrew Wiggins doesn't know much about college basketball. "I really didn't watch college basketball when I was young" Wiggins tells me. But who was your favorite college team? "I never had one" Wiggins says with a smile. So if you're a college basketball fan who has been operating under the assumption that college basketball's next-great-thing has always dreamed of playing in this historic building for the Kansas Jayhawks well I'm sorry to disappoint you. Because not only did Wiggins never dream of playing at KU he never dreamed of Big Mondays or Final Fours or any of this stuff. He's in college mostly because the system essentially requires it; and barring a major surprise Wiggins will be out of college in seven months and preparing to fulfill his actual lifelong dream -- playing in the NBA. But in between now and then he's planning to make an impact both in the Big 12 and nationally while dealing with ridiculously high expectations that have some wondering whether Wiggins can have a season comparable to the one Kevin Durant had in his first and only year at Texas. So I ask Wiggins about this. Then he asks me a question in response. "What did Kevin Durant do in college?" Wiggins asks before reminding me that he never actually watched Durant play a minute of college basketball. "Kevin averaged 26 points a game" I tell Wiggins. "But did he have a good team?" Wiggins asks and it is at this moment when I realize that though I'm talking to an immensely gifted young man who currently projects as the consensus No. 1 pick in next June's NBA Draft Andrew Wiggins is not all that interested in trying to set scoring records because honestly he doesn't even know what they are and it's never occurred to him to ask.