As we wait for Andrew Wiggins to decide, the spectre of possibly upping the UNC Tar Heels and Duke Blue Devils rivalry looms in the room. It is a heated enough rivalry as it is, but having two players of that quality, Wiggins and Jabari Parker, going to head to head would be quite a sight to see next year. It truly would make the rivalry even more amazing; these two kids will be linked for a long time. They are the two best players in their recruiting class and are both once in a lifetime talents. They are also both sons of former players oddly enough. They have both had fantastic high school careers, and though their college careers will probably be quite short, they will be fantastic as well. Wiggins’ head coach Rob Fulford has said publicly before that Wiggins will most likely decide by the May 15th deadline, but I would not count on that happening if you are keeping track.