During his eight seasons with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Andrew McCutchen thought he'd be the one to decide if he needed to move out of center field. But a few weeks ago, when the time arrived to make that move, he learned something shocking: He didn't have a vote. When the Pirates abruptly informed him last month that he was going to shift over to right field this season, "it wasn't an ask," McCutchen said Friday morning, on the first day of what could be his last spring training as a Pirate. "It was more of a 'say.' It was 'I have to move there.'" And that was difficult to accept, the longtime face of the Pirates admitted Friday -- for many reasons. "That was one of the first times that that was something I wanted to go against," McCutchen said, on the day he attempted to put his tumultuous, trade-rumor-filled offseason behind him. "It wasn't something I was ready for or I wanted to do. But as I keep saying that, I'm talking about myself. So I just had to not be as selfish and just accept that that's what I had to do and move over to right." In his entire 12-year professional career, McCutchen has played just one game in right field -- for Double-A Altoona in 2006. And that, he conceded, also factored in to his initial resistance to moving. "I've always been in center," he said. "Since I came up, since my first game here, that's where I've always played."