The revelation that Andrew Luck is dealing with “a small little bone’’ along with a stained left calf undoubtedly sent shivers of concern throughout the Indianapolis Colts’ fan base.

That issue apparently is myositis ossificans. According to Medical News Today, that’s a condition where bone tissue forms inside a muscle or other soft tissue following an injury. One of the byproducts of a “hard lump or bump’’ forming is lingering, even increasing pain.

Another medical term that might be in play: Os Trigonum. That refers to pain in the back of the ankle which is caused by “impingement of soft tissues on a bony prominence at the back of the Talus bone,’’ according to Medical News Today.

Dr. Patrick Kersey is a physician with St. Vincent Sports Performance and a former team physician with the Colts. He’s watched the Luck drama from afar, and while conceding this isn’t an ideal situation for the player or team, neither is he in panic mode.