Andrew Bogut entering what he hopes is his first full and injury-free year since his third season in the NBA is still sick to death of people confusing him as “injury-prone” – “injury-prone” as opposed to “unlucky with injuries.” It’s true that somebody who continually finds themselves as too injured to play or to close to a significant injury to play effectively is technically “injury-prone” and over the last few years Bogut falls under that category. Usually though we save that term for a player who repeatedly has to sit with a variation of the same injury – think someone’s dodgy knees or a baseball pitcher’s elbow or shoulder woes. No Bogut has mainly had to sit out because of three significant setbacks with two coming on freak plays. There was a back fracture in 2008-09 and then the frightening elbow injury that caused him to bow out of Milwaukee’s inspiring ‘Fear the Deer’ season far too early in the spring of 2010. That elbow injury severely hampered his shooting stroke in the years after and then when Andrew finally seemed to be getting back on track in 2011-12 he suffered a broken ankle. After a misdiagnosis and a Warriors-influenced attempt to come back early Bogut was a (still very effective) shadow of himself last season. Bogut is healthy and effusive as Golden State enters camp and he wants fans to know the difference between his particular streak of bad luck and the repeated setbacks that have happened to others that have been hit by the “injury-prone” label.