A lot has happened since the last mailbag. The Red Sox experienced their first major hiccups of 2013 when they dropped back-to-back contests to the Orioles. They’ve since bounced back, though, notching two wins against the Rays – one being a walk-off and the other almost including a no-hitter from Clay Buchholz. Let’s not forget Boston’s current closer situation, either. Things have suddenly gotten very interesting in the wake of Joel Hanrahan tweaking his hamstring and pitching ineffectively. In fact, the closer’s situation was one topic tossed into this week’s bag o’ mail. It was hardly the only one, however, so let’s see what was on your minds this week. Jackie Bradley Jr. will in all likelihood head down to Triple-A once David Ortiz returns. Since that appears to be right around the corner, the Red Sox might as well wait until then. After all, Bradley is still getting at-bats – albeit less than anticipated now that he’s struggling – and his defense is still an asset. Ortiz could return as soon as Friday or Saturday, so even if Bradley isn’t in the lineup every day between now and then, I don’t think it will create any sort of major setback in the rookie’s development. If Ortiz was farther away from returning, though, then I think the Red Sox would absolutely have to consider sending Bradley down immediately.