Golden State Warriors forward Andre Iguodala says the Dubs should pass 50 wins this season if healthy. Stephen Curry indicated the Golden State Warriors are aiming for 50 wins this season when he said earlier this month that there's a number that "has a five in front of it" written on a whiteboard inside the team's practice facility as a goal. Apparently that's not enough for Andre Iguodala. Not after he helped the Denver Nuggets win a franchise-record 57 games last season. And not after he turned down more lucrative offers to sign a $48 million four-year deal with the Warriors this summer. Fifty wins? "I would say more than that" Iguodala said Wednesday at the team's downtown Oakland headquarters where most players have been voluntarily working out for about three weeks before training camp starts Sept. 29. "I just have really high expectations for us. I won't say too much about wins. I'd rather fly under the radar." via Iguodala: Warriors aiming for 'more than' 50 wins. "I'd rather fly under the radar after I've said we should win more than 50 games." Whoops. Iguodala's right though. Golden State won 47 games last season two more than Chicago but finished sixth in the tough Western Conference. The Nuggets won 57 games last season and by Iguodala's estimation (and that of most experts based on their first-round series) he joined a superior team.