In most breakups, both parties eventually move on and perhaps even want the best for their respective exes after they’ve settled in with new loves. When the Wizards split with Andray Blatche, it wasn’t pretty. But then Blatche publicly acknowledged he was happier in Brooklyn with a “winning team,” Washington started anew with Martell Webster and Nene, and aside from mandatory visitation a few times a season, the Wizards were Blatche-free. But apparently Blatche still wants his alimony. Blatche told Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News that he’d be willing to take a smaller contract if it meant that it would cost the Wizards more money. Here’s the explanation, via NYDN: Typically 7-footers in their prime are in high demand, and historically they get paid more than anybody expects. But here’s why Blatche cares less about money in his next contract: he’s still getting paid by the Wizards through the 2014-15 season because he was waived via the amnesty clause. So, according to the rules of the CBA, most of the money he earns through then on his next contract will go to Washington, the team he feels abandoned him last season. Blatche even said that gives him incentive to take less money. “If I get a lot (in my next contract), yeah, it’s going to take pressure off the Wizards,” he said. “But that’s why I’m not going to do that.”