To say there’s been a bit of speculation about Taylor Hall this season would be a bit of an understatement. Every reaction on the ice, every piece of body language and any interview he gives is picked apart. Everyone is trying to read the tea leaves to find out if there’s any chance he wants to stay in New Jersey rather than leaving for somewhere else as a free agent next summer.

Hall has been relatively cagey about his future, choosing his words carefully while making sure it’s known that he’s taking his time with his first chance at unrestricted free agency. Combine that with his agent being the notorious Darren Ferris, and we can probably expect that kind of rampant speculation all season long and into the summer.

The question few seem to be asking right now is: “What’s the best-case scenario for the Devils?” They’re in a tricky position here as a team in mid-rebuild that also has some players who are in their competitive windows and likely want to win as soon as possible, Hall being one of them. So can Hall provide value long-term despite his pretty rough injury history, or would it make more sense for the Devils to move him for future assets?

The 2018 Hart Trophy winner has been solid on the surface this season. He’s on a point per game pace despite a career low 4.8 shooting percentage that is not going to last very much longer. But let’s dig deeper into his play and see how he’s doing, compared to what we’re used to seeing from him.