After Josh Rosen’s release from the San Francisco 49ers, Heavy wrote a detailed article about why the quarterback could be a fit for the Dallas Cowboys. Not everyone is as bullish on Rosen’s upside for the Cowboys as the quarterback looks for his fifth team since being the No. 10 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.’s Nick Eatman believes Rosen should have already emerged by now as a capable NFL quarterback given the number of opportunities he has received.

“I get it that sometimes it just doesn’t work out the way we think it will,” Eatman detailed. “Rosen had the talent to be high first-round pick. But so far, none of the team he’s been on thought he could play for them. And it’s not like it was a one-time thing, but four teams. I think if he’s going to show it, he would’ve shown it.


“And it’s not like Rosen has been cut as the starter, these teams don’t think he’s good enough to be the backup? So why would it work in Dallas? The only way I see the Cowboys doing this is if they’ve decided they’re going to keep three QBs on the roster and someone like Rosen is the third guy who can learn the offense and have enough time to possibly compete with Gilbert.”

Garrett Gilbert is the favorite to land the Cowboys backup quarterback spot. It is a position that is under even more scrutiny with Dak Prescott sidelined for the majority of training camp with a shoulder injury. Ben DiNucci is also in the mix for the position but has struggled with inconsistency in preseason action.’s David Helman also sees Rosen as a long shot to be helpful for the team’s depth chart.