Out of all the star players the Los Angeles Lakers were linked to this offseason, it was a bit surprising that Russell Westbrook was the one they ended up adding. The former MVP is a great player but his fit with the team is questionable. The Lakers have been a lackluster shooting team for a couple of years now and Westbrook is one of the worst shooters in the NBA.

Though he’s not the best fit next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis, Los Angeles has one of the most talented big threes in the league. However, a lot can still happen this offseason. Bradley Beal is a superstar who appears on the cusp of wanting out of his current situation with the Washington Wizards.

He’s as loyal as they come but even the most loyal players have a breaking point. If Beal were to request a trade, he’d be one of the most sought-after players on the market. He’s the exact type of player the Lakers would love to have but trading for him would be next to impossible unless they’d be willing to deal Davis. While the big man is coming off a down year, it’s very difficult to imagine Los Angeles would trade him. That said, Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd believes that they should.