Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians took issue Tuesday with the suggestion that his team was somehow violating league COVID-19 protocols by not wearing wristbands to identify which players have received the vaccine.

"If I give you some information, at least know the f---ing rules before you put it in the press. Red and yellow bands -- they don't have to wear them at practice," Arians said before taking the question. "That's for indoors. I've gotta read s--- that we should be fined for red and yellow bands because they ain't got them on at practice. That's bulls---. If you're gonna report s---, make sure it's f---ing right."

None of the Bucs' three days of training camp practices that were open to media and the public have been indoors -- only outdoors. In them, some players have worn wristbands while others have not.