Dear Mr. Suggs, Please allow me to take a moment to congratulate you on your recent Super Bowl victory. You, along with the rest of your team, fully deserve that Lombardi Trophy. There were a lot of doubters as you began your recent playoff run, including myself, but you proved us all wrong. You shocked the Broncos, you shocked the Patriots, and you shocked the 49ers, and now sit atop the football world as the best in the business. So again, congratulations. It's also great to see that, as you enjoy some well-deserved relaxation this offseason and prepare for what will be yet another exciting league year, you are really taking the time to relish your status as a member of the World Champion Baltimore Ravens and not focusing your efforts elsewhere. A lot of lesser players would take take this opportunity to continue to spout off absolute nonsense that nobody cares about, imparting blathering opinions on absolute non-issues that nobody asked for. Not you, though. You know how special it is to be part of a championship team, and it's very refreshing to see someone take full advantage of that; after all, the chance to play in the Super Bowl doesn't come along all that often. I mean yeah, if you play for the Patriots, you're there every few years or so, but for the rest of the league, it's a real achievement (fun fact about that: did you know that we haven't won a Super Bowl since SpyGate? Crazy, right? I had to look it up to believe it!!). It's heartening to see that you haven't lost sight of that and are bringing the positivity, cheer, general goodwill, and intelligence that you have shown so ubiquitously throughout your career into what must be an incredibly joyous offseason. All too rarely do we fail to take advantage of the joyous moments in our lives, and I'm glad to see that you are opting to focus on the positive.