Brian Campbell wasn't too upset when he learned he wouldn't be going to last year's All-Star Game. He had a secondary plan, one that involved skiing in Colorado and, well, some other business. Campbell, playing for the Chicago Blackhawks at the time, proposed to his girlfriend, Lauren, as they vacationed in Aspen. She said yes. A few months later, he had some more big news for her. The Blackhawks called and asked Campbell to waive his no-trade clause. After thinking about it, Campbell told the Florida Panthers yes, he would bring his game south. Lauren Miller said yes to the Panthers as well. Sight unseen. "At first, it was a bit of a shock. I've never lived anywhere but Chicago," Miller said Thursday while joining Campbell and his family at All-Star Game festivities. "It really has been a great experience, a great adventure for us to take together. It's been awesome. And it's been really good for Brian." Campbell has played in a number of places during the course of his career, but he got his real start here in Ottawa. Campbell, now 32, grew up in Strathroy, Ontario, about a seven-hour drive from the Canadian capital.