Today is the last day of the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. Even though they kicked out the media on Sunday afternoon the defensive backs still have to do their on-field drills in front of the NFL Network cameras and under the watchful eye of team coaches and executives. Since cornerback and safety are expected to be the two positions of prime interest for the Redskins in the April draft, I was asked on Twitter yesterday if Tuesday was the biggest day of the combine for the Redskins. My answer was that the most important part of the combine will be done for the Redskins by the time the defensive backs start running and jumping on the Lucas Oil Stadium field. Mike Shanahan has said that the aspect of the combine he gets the most out of is talking to the prospects. “I really enjoy getting a chance to sit down with them for the 15, 20 minutes or whatever the time that’s allotted and getting a chance to know them a little bit better,” Shanahan said at the combine in 2011, the last time he talked to the media there. It’s not like 40 times or vertical leaps are ignored. The workout information will be added to what they already have on a player. More will be added from pro days, individual workouts, and team visits. But the decision will be based mostly on the player’s film from college, the medical information that the team obtains at the combine, and the interaction with the players.