For the past six seasons, the Cardinals got used to hearing the familiar loud bark of their special-teams coach from Queens. Kevin Spencer was so loud, he could be heard over the jumbo portable speakers the team would roll out and blare at full volume to simulate crowd noise on the road. It’s going to look — and sound — a lot different under new head coach Bruce Arians. For starters, he’s brought in his own special-teams coordinator, Amos Jones, who hails from Tallahassee, Fla., and speaks with a smooth, good-ol’-boy Southern drawl. And unlike Spencer, who since has moved on to the San Diego Chargers, Jones won’t be controlling every single phase of special-teams practices, meetings and other pregame preparations. “You come to practice and watch us, he’s not going to be the only guy out there coaching special teams,” Arians said Friday during a news conference in which he formally introduced Jones and Tom Moore, the team’s assistant head coach/offense. “We’re going to have five or six coaches assigned to different specific areas, teaching fundamentals, teaching drills, and Amos will coordinate. … It’s not a one-guy job.”