It’s been a rough 48-hour news cycle for the Philadelphia 76ers. First, they looked surprisingly sluggish while dropping Game 1 of their first round matchup with the Brooklyn Nets at home on Saturday. Then, ESPN cameras caught Amir Johnson showing Joel Embiid something on his cellphone on the bench in the middle of the game while the 76ers were down double-digits. And to cap it off, Ben Simmons had some terse words in postgame for the Philly fans that booed him while he was the free throw line.

But CellphoneGate has been the story that won’t die, so much so that Amir Johnson requested to address the entire team about the incident when the 76ers regrouped for practice on Sunday.

“I really want to sweep it under the rug, and that’s that,” Johnson told ESPN. “I apologized to my teammates and the organization, and I hate that there was so much attention on the cellphone. We’re focused on Game 2. Like I said, this situation, you just kind of want to move it to the side. There’s so many media outlets and situations about that cellphone, and I hate that it ever happened.”