It was a day that was thick with chaos. Bobby Valentine weaving in and out of explaining how he will handle Carl Crawford going forward. Last year's former Red Sox manager, Terry Francona, holding court in the team's clubhouse with the current manager, Bobby Valentine, across the way, sitting in his office. And, of course, an 8-6 Red Sox win over the Yankees at Yankee Stadium that went from disastrous to heroic within one inning. But through it all there was one thing that -- if you truly believe there is hope for these 2012 Red Sox -- that outweighed it all: Jon Lester's performance. The numbers weren't mind-blowing by any means, with Lester finishing his no-decision by allowing four runs over six innings. But that wasn't the story. The real takeaway was could be found on the mound compared to the image that had been presented by Lester of late.