Brooklyn Nets swingman Ben Simmons knows that criticism will find him wherever he goes. After years of dealing with verbal barbs from fans -- both in person and on social media -- the 26-year-old understands that the type of ire he faces comes with being one of the best players in the game.

But after a video of Simmons shooting an air ball during an event for fans in a Brooklyn park on Sunday went viral, the former All-Star had to chuckle when asked how he blocks out all the noise that seems to find him.

"It finds me all the time," Simmons told ESPN prior to Wednesday night's 107-97 preseason win against the Milwaukee Bucks. "And it doesn't f---ing stop. Sometimes I'm even sick of it, but then I'm like, 'OK, I'm Ben Simmons, you know? It comes with being Ben Simmons right now.'

"Even the other day there was a clip of me air balling a shot at the park. Meanwhile, like 10 guys airballed multiple shots. So it's like people will find one clip and try to make it that everything -- like Ben can't do [this or that]. Like come on man, you think I'm just airballing every shot? It's not true. But it comes with it, and you got to have tough skin and I realize that, but nah, I can't take everything personally. It's social media."

Simmons did not play last season after requesting a trade from the Philadelphia 76ers, citing his mental health. He was dealt to the Nets just before last February's trade deadline, but never played a game while also dealing with a back injury. While Simmons has been a target of criticism in the past given his play with the Sixers and his request for a trade, that criticism has been amplified since he has been off an NBA floor for almost a year and a half.

From his vantage point, Simmons has a simple explanation for why he believes he deals with so much outrage from fans.