It’s no longer about a progression anymore with Roy Halladay. He says he’s fully healthy. He is fully conditioned for the start of the season. Yet, the results aren’t there. The Phillies, however, have no plans of altering anything concerning Halladay. “Doc gets as long as he needs,” Amaro said. “I think he’s going to get himself straightened out.” In two starts this season, Halladay has pitched a total of 71/3 innings and sports a 14.73 ERA. After Monday’s outing, Halladay was morose. He didn’t blame any outside conditions for his struggles. He said it’s all in his head. “I would say 95 percent is mental,” he said. “It’s simplifying, it’s getting to the basics. It’s letting things happen and to stop trying to force things. It’s a game of failure and I’ve had my fair share.” Manuel agreed, saying Halladay — a quiet guy — tends to keep things to himself, which Manuel understands. Struggles or not, Manuel said the team is committed to letting Halladay try to right the ship. “You guys used to get on me about (former Phillies closer) Brad Lidge and I used to look down there and to me, Brad was still probably the best I had. If I was gonna lose the game, it was gonna be with Brad Lidge. I was committed to Brad Lidge,” Manuel said. “If I commit to you, then I commit to you. Whatever happens is gonna happen. That’s how I look at it.”